Michael Kors dispatcher from ‘boring’ look


Back to Main MenuCelebrationsFraud PreventionManage Your AdPlace an AdHumphrey’s emblematic plea should resonate with readers, for like so many women today, she hasn’t gone quietly into middle agedom. The 50 year old keeps fit with regular exercise and finds personal satisfaction from her challenging job as a 9 1 1 dispatcher for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. She and her husband, a retired police officer, have five grown children between them, and she stays current with pop culture and the latest fashion magazines.But even that knowledge and an enviable figure don’t make it easy for her to navigate the stores.”The older I get, the more I value comfort, but I still want to look stylish,” she says. “I don’t want to dress boring, like my Capri pants and T shirts, but I get so turned around when I do go shopping, it just seems easiest to buy what I know.”Compounding Humphrey’s shopping issues is her 5 foot 10 inch frame. While there are those of us (cough, cough) who would LOVE a few extra inches, it’s not always easy to find pants and sleeves that are long enough. After all, we shorties can just whack off a few inches of fabric and hem away; it’s not so easy to add a few inches of fabric.Fifteen years ago, Humphrey battled cervical cancer. As a result, she developed lymphedema in one leg, which is prone to swelling. It is kept under control with a compression garment similar to a stocking.Because of this, she says she finds most jeans constricting and that skirts and dresses aren’t an everyday option. While she prefers stretchy knit pants and has the figure to pull them off the criterion of “age appropriate” is weighted heavily in her personal wardrobe assessments.In her job, she is required to wear a uniform, so Humphrey is after casual, run around town clothes that don’t sacrifice comfort for style or style for comfort.”I love that yoga pants and leggings are in, but I don’t know how to wear them into everyday life without looking like I’ve just come from the gym or worse, that I’m a desperate middle aged woman trying to look like a teenager,” she says, laughing.An emerging trend Humphrey’s wishes are happily coinciding with an emerging trend among contemporary and ready to wear designers: the embrace of silhouettes and fabrics that historically belonged to the gym, not the runway.From the Palm Beach chic of Michael Kors to the downtown grunge of Alexander Wang, there’s been a stealthy infiltration of fleece and French terry into designer collections over the past several seasons. By applying formal tailoring methods to supercasual fabrics, designers may have hit upon the most consumer friendly innovation since the underwire bra the comfort of your favorite sweats, but in fashion forward garments. And, of course, at fashion forward prices. But these items are already showing up at reasonable prices at chains like J. Crew (where they cutely call them the “un sweatpant”).So our goal for Humphrey is to track down some of these silhouettes in the coziest fabrics we can find.Dillard’s at Beachwood Place is a frequent partner with me on these “Alterations” packages, so I knew going in that they would have a nice array of yoga inspired lines to choose from. In fact, they’ve expanded their offerings in recent months, but because they’re grouped near the young contemporary offerings, a lot of women like Humphrey might miss them entirely.We pull several items from that “young” department, which makes Humphrey nervous until we get into the fitting room. Here’s what we discover:The blazer. To elevate the professionalism of any situation, women working in offices have long relied on the formality of a blazer. Now, imagine that same tailored chic applied to your favorite T shirt or sweatshirt, and, voila, you have the key piece to Humphrey’s new look. We find several styles, but like the artsy ease of one by BCBG, in a heathered taupe that looks as good with yoga pants as it does with more formal trousers.”Even though the fabric is so casual, it just makes everything look nicer,” says Humphrey as she checks herself out in the mirror. “I never would have thought to look for this.”

Gaza 72-hour humanitarian truce by Israel and Hamas begins


Israel and Hamas have put into effect an unconditional 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

However, hours after the truce began, Palestinians said four people had been killed by Israeli fire, apparently in response to a rocket attack.

Israel says it will continue to destroy tunnels built by Hamas into Israel.

Some 1,460 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have died in the conflict, health officials say. Sixty-three Israelis, mostly soldiers, have died.

Israel says it aims to stop rocket attacks by Palestinian militants in Gaza and remove the threat of being attacked from the tunnels.

Hamas wants a blockade of Gaza, maintained by both Israel and Egypt, to be lifted.

‘Much needed reprieve’
The BBC’s Jon Donnison in Gaza says that Israeli bombing and Palestinian rocket attacks continued until the start of the ceasefire but the skies are now quiet.

During the morning life appeared to be returning to some kind of normality in Gaza, with many Palestinians heading towards heavily shelled areas to see if their homes were still intact.

But the Gaza health ministry reported that four Palestinians were killed and dozens were injured in an Israeli attack near the southern town of Rafah after the ceasefire began.

Israeli military sources told the BBC the attack was in response to rocket fire on Kerem Shalom in Israel.

The BBC’s Martin Patience in Gaza says that compared to the violence of recent weeks much of Gaza is relatively quiet, and the breach does not mean the truce has broken down.

Announcing the ceasefire, the US and UN emphasised its humanitarian nature but said Israeli troops would be allowed to stay on the ground in Gaza.

michael anthony bourdain samples a new adventure in congo bags


Netflix (NFLX) has jumped so much that it needs a perfect story to avoid a selloff. NFLX tends to get hammered after earnings, so Cramer might buy it then if there is no are no problems mentioned by management concerning competition or higher fees. It is down 10% so far this year,

Yes. Its handbags come with a quality and price tag (several hundred to over a thousand dollars) that put them in the category of luxury for most consumers. It has “full price stores” in prime locations such as New York’s Fifth Avenue. Over the past 10 years Coach has grown revenues yearly by 18.2%; operating income rose by 20.1% and net income grew by 21.6%, capturing market share of more than 38% in the luxury handbag market. Revenue growth accelerated after the financial crisis of 2008. Increased cost of goods, higher marketing expenses and distribution expenses led to the decline in gross margins that Coach enjoyed from 2004 to 2007.

There is no such thing as ‘out of stock’ on the Internet. If it is shown on the website, it’s available. There is no limited shelf space as such and thus, there is no disappointment, Holiday shopping can be stressful, cutthroat and, at its worst, fruitless. Sometimes the journey to the perfect present starts with an hour long line at the mall parking garage. Talk about frustrating: You can’t take your foot off the brake, let alone step into a store.

It is said that Internet shopping has just started affecting the employment of people at malls and individual stores as well. The problem here is that the forecast says this effect will increase in impact in a few more years. There will be high unemployment in this sector due to Internet shopping.

These were some of the advantages and disadvantages of Internet shopping, that tell you how it Bags Michael Kors isn’t very unsafe to shop on the web. Problems prevail everywhere, Michael Kors Bags even when you shop personally at a store. The convenience and the variety are the two biggest advantages you need to focus on.

Anatomy of a Breakup: Beam (BEAM), Fortune Brands and Home Security (FBHS)On news that Beam (BEAM) is being bought by Japanese liquor company Santori at a 25% premium, Cramer discussed how breaking up a company can unlock value. Beam was once a part of Fortune Brands, whose management in 2010 divided the company into Fortune Brands and Home Security (FBHS), a golf business and Beam (BEAM). Those who bought FBHS and BEAM on the breakup tripled their money in 3 years.